About us

My Story

I am the Managing Director and Principal Mortgage Broker.

When borrowing to buy my own home and invest in property I found that the service of Banks and mortgage brokers was seriously lacking and some ‘integrated property investment companies’ highly questionable. I was dealing with salespeople who had little or no analytical skills, advising me about a loan that was going to cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Through my experience I realised that for such an important thing as borrowing hundreds of thousands of dollars you need expert advice that you can trust. Truly expert advice that will put your interests first, all of the time. This is difficult to find. The mortgage broker industry is dominated by a few big brands (often owned by the bag banks) that will send around some slick salespeople just trying to ‘sell you’ the easiest option for them or the option best their for commission.

For such important financial decisions, that really can change your life, costing or saving you literally thousands of dollars, you need to use only the best and brightest.

With this in mind I started a mortgage broker company to do just that, provide only the best most trusted expert advice.


1. You the customer come first. We find the deals that are best for you, not the bank and not us. We advocate and negotiate with the lenders on your behalf for your best interests.

2. We strive for excellence in customer service. We project manage your application and provide regular updates to you so you’re not chasing us.

3. Our support is ongoing. Even after we have got you a great deal, if something better for you comes along we will let you know.