Our Services

Our services include:

  • Home loans
  • Investment property loans
  • Construction loans
  • Commercial property loans
  • Business loans
  • Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) loans

Do you want a better home loan?

If you are a first home buyer or refinancing. We can help you get a loan to meet your needs. We will compare the different home loans available and find the best home loans with great interest rates and the features that you need.

Once we have selected some of the best home loans we will give a home loan options report and take you through the options.

Home loan characteristics such as interest rates, features, conditions, fees and charges will determine the cost, usefulness, convenience and flexibility of your loan and choosing the right loan can make a large difference. We will work for you to go through the options to find you the loan that is suited to you.

Property Investment Loans

Grow your investment property portfolio

Property Investors typically use credit differently to the typical owner occupied home owner. Often property investor borrowers want to maximise their borrowing power and minimise their deposit so that they can purchase additional properties for the capital gains and or rental yield that they can generate. This means that the loan structure and lenders used is important to give them maximum flexibility to grow and manage their property portfolio.

Construction Loans

Property Developers

A number of different home loans can be used for construction depending on your situation. A specialised construction loan can be used for the construction of a new dwelling or dwellings on a vacant block of land (up to 4 properties on the same title/block). Any more than 4 properties generally requires a commercial loan which usually have higher interest rates.

Self Managed Super Fund Loans

Invest in property in your Self Managed Super Fund for your retirement

Self managed super funds are considered by some to be ideal for property investment. This is due to the long term investment requirements for property matching the long term investment legal requirements of self managed super funds (that is you can’t withdraw your funds invested in your super fund until you reach retirement age). By borrowing to purchase property in their self managed super fund, some people are able to invest sooner and or purchase a higher value property(s) and thereby increase their exposure to the market. Managing your own super fund incurs administration fees which can make a self managed super fund uneconomical for people with smaller amounts in their super fund. Where the super fund has larger amounts of capital self managing can be an economical option. It should also be noted that additional bank or lender fees are usually charged when borrowing within a Self Managed Super Fund this is due to the extra document processing that is done by the lender.