Investment property loan

Are you considering purchasing an investment property?

Home Loan Report are investment property loan specialists. We can provide information on how much you can borrow, ideas and advice on effective loan structures and the application process and requirements.

Before you purchase your investment property, you should consider:

  • Whose name should the investment property be in or should the property be held in a separate entity that you control
  • What investment strategy will you use: high growth or high yield
  • Will the property be positively geared or negatively geared
  • Is a new property or established property better
  • Can you borrow 100% of the purchase price plus fees using equity from another property
  • What is best option for your situation and objectives

We can structure your new investment property loan, to maximise the benefits to you.  We can compare the options that are available to you, considering the initial and ongoing costs to purchase and hold your investment property.